I Think You Can Take It.

Performed at Fountain art Fair in 2011 and 2012, and Railroad Square, Tallahassee 2011.

We build a wall or cube for ourselves to stand behind, with peepholes and holes large enough to reach through. Without telling them, we were asking participants to reach in and offer us their hands, not knowing what to expect. For this bravery, we reward them with small objects of contemplation or interesting experiences. Obsolete sketches from our studio work, extra prints, bits of nature. Other popular exchanges included kisses with lipstick remnants, handshakes, dollops of finger-paint put gingerly on fingers and followed quickly back out the hole with the white flag of a wetnap apology. Filmstrips ends were handed out, and then unreeled as they were pulled and pulled, and pulled. A few times we even managed to tie one guests hand to another, and the individuals on the other side of the wall were left to figure out their interconnectedness as we were left to witness their discovery through a tiny peephole.