About Us:

Analog Analogue is an art collective that seeks to flip the relationship between viewer and art. They are a small group of artists with individual interests who believe that making art is possibly more important than looking at art–and they wish to prove it to anyone who walks through the gallery door. They strive to create the sense of community they’ve experienced through making art together. For instance, they’ve turned a gallery into a large-scale camera obscura and led viewers into the dark; had a cacophonous but beautiful sound piece where every viewer brought their own beat with Bang on It; created a panoramic mural of traced presence with Cave Paintings; and labored behind the scenes, performing commands through a large sculptural installation in We’re Fans

Do you have an idea you would like to see analog analogued? Please get in touch! Do you live in Tallahassee, The DC area, or Toronto and want to be a part of a project? Please get in touch!

Our email address is frontdesk@analoganalogue.org

Current members include (but are not limited to):

Marnie Bettridge http://marniebettridge.com
Jay Corrales http://jaycoralles.net
Johnson Hunt http://johnsonrhunt.com
Echo Railton http://echorailton.com